AZGP Releases Official Statement Condemning Russian Military Invasion of Ukraine; Calls for Peace & Diplomacy in Europe



The Arizona Green Party strongly condemns the actions of the Russian government and military forces in their illegal invasion of Ukraine. The AZGP calls for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory and a return to peaceful relations between nations. Further, the AZGP calls for the United States and its N.A.T.O allies in the region to end their decades-long tactics of escalation and provocation with Russia. All parties involved in this conflict must immediately commit to seeking a simultaneous, nonviolent, diplomatic resolution and de-escalation of military tensions in Eastern Europe.


The AZGP, as a matter of core principle, respects and supports the rights of the peoples of all sovereign nations to their own autonomy, and abhors violence and warfare of all kinds. In the case of Ukraine, the U.S./N.A.T.O alliance and the Russian Federation have, both presently and historically, impeded upon and violated the Ukrainian people’s rights to security and self-determination. Though President Putin and the Russian government are ultimately responsible for initiating the current military invasion and occupation of Ukraine by Russia, the U.S. and N.A.T.O. have continuously escalated tensions and agitated for armed conflict in the region, largely to the benefit of international war profiteers, weapons manufacturers, and fossil fuel companies. Both the U.S./N.A.T.O alliance and the Russian Federation share responsibility for the horrific violence, destruction, and displacement of civilians we are currently witnessing in Ukraine. The AZGP calls on both sides of this conflict to commit to peacefully ending their imperialist war games in Ukraine and to respect the Ukrainian people’s rights to safety and autonomy without foreign intervention.


As we condemn the actions of President Putin and the Russian government/military, the AZGP would like to highlight the fact that the actions and motives of the Russian government are not that of many of the Russian people. Just as many of us Americans do not feel represented by, do not wish to be associated with, and in many cases are actively speaking out and fighting against the actions of our own government; the same can be said for a significant population of the Russian people as well. We applaud the bravery of the Russian citizens who have organized and participated in anti-war protest actions across Russia in the past few days, despite the risk to their own personal safety and freedom, given the harsh state response to civilian protest of the Russian government. 


Further, we reject the reactionary, xenophobic calls for deportation of Russian citizens living, studying, and/or working in the United States floated by Rep. Eric Swalwell and supported on Twitter by Arizona’s own Rep. Ruben Gallego. Collective punishment of Russian citizens for the actions of their government is not a feasible or effective answer to the current conflict, as it disproportionately affects those with the least power over the situation. As we navigate these crises, we must remember that wars between nation-states are only ever beneficial for the ruling classes of those states, who would decimate our ecosystems and send our children to their deaths in a foreign land if it meant they could gain more money and power. We, as the working classes of all nations, must stand together united in solidarity against imperialist wars of aggression- no matter from where they originate.


However, once again, we are seeing that both the congressional Democrats and Republicans alike are beginning to beat their familiar rhythm on the drums of war in the name of maintaining and expanding Western capitalist global hegemony. With our government controlled by two corrupt, war-mongering political parties, and a corporate-owned media monopoly content to gleefully parrot and amplify the bloodlust and calls for war from those in the ruling class who stand to benefit from war with Russia, it is an absolute imperative that the people of Arizona and the United States have the option of supporting and voting for uncorrupted candidates from an independent, grassroots political party that stands unflinchingly against violence at home and abroad, and, rather, prioritizes the interests of People, Planet, and Peace above profits. That party is, and always has been, the Green Party.


The AZGP extends its support and solidarity to the working class peoples of all nations involved in this conflict. They are the ones who will suffer the most from war, as will our planet. We hope for a swift and peaceful resolution in the region and an end to the illegal Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine.



The Arizona Green Party - State Committee