AZGP 2022 End of Year Recap

Dear AZ Greens,

Thank you all for being members, supporters, contributors, and voters of the Arizona Green Party this year. After an admittedly turbulent start, the dedicated volunteers and activists in this party have once again shown the strength of our conviction in this organization and our Ten Key Values. It is because of all of your invaluable support and participation that we are proud to end this year on a note of relative success.

Our party has survived attacks by the corporate establishment duopoly, held our heads high, and refused to be silent and meek in the face of oppression, regaining our ability for voters to designate their party preference with us in Maricopa County, and beginning the first stages of active rebuilding of membership in Pima County.

We've put in the hard work this year of improving our internal operations through a long period of critical self-reflection, changes in leadership, and recommitment to the ideal of participatory, grassroots, democratic decision making; and we're seeing the real proof of these concepts organizationally at the end of this year.

Even without party recognition or ballot access, we dug deep to recruit and run write-in candidates for office from within our active membership, and with all of your support, we were able to endorse our first full slate of candidates, up and down the ballot, since 2018- and these candidates over-performed all of our expectations!

We rolled up our sleeves, put on our comfortable shoes, and got directly involved with our communities at the local level, engaging in more direct action and mutual aid than we have in several years.

To illustrate our progress, the AZGP-SC has created a 2022 retrospective slideshow for our members to view a presentation of our party's notable accomplishments throughout the past year.


In short, while we've had to scale back our party's operations and make some serious internal changes in recent years, the changes we've made and the strategies we are implementing now are beginning to show slow, but real success. We are growing, learning, and changing as a party, and on behalf of all of us in the 2022 AZGP State Committee, I want to thank you for being flexible, active, and committed participants of this evolution. We are so excited to work closely with all of our AZ Greens for even further growth and success of our party in 2023 and beyond.

The AZGP State Committee and Working Committees will be on a short break from November 20th through the month of December for the holiday season. County chapters will continue to meet on their own schedules.

Monthly AZGP-SC Meetings will resume January 12th at 7PM via Zoom.

The AZGP will be hosting our Annual Statutory General Membership Meeting on January 21st, details TBD, in which we will be electing new Officers to the State Committee. If you are interested in serving on the 2023 AZGP-SC, please contact us with your name, contact information, and what position you would like to run for. The positions up for election are;

  • Co-Chair (1 seat up for election, term expires January 2025)
  • 1st Vice-Chair (term expires January 2025)
  • 2nd Vice-Chair (term expires January 2024)
  • Treasurer (term expires January 2025)
  • Recorder (term expires January 2025)
  • Media Outreach Coordinator (term expires January 2024)
  • GPUS National Committee Delegate (1 seat up for election, term expires January 2025)
  • GPUS National Committee Alternate Delegate (1 seat up for election, term expires January 2025)


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for being Greens and wish you the happiest of holiday seasons. Here's to a new year of growth and success for the Arizona Green Party!

In Solidarity,

Cody Hannah, AZGP Co-Chair