Working Committees

The purpose of a Working Committee/Task Force is to make the work of the AZGP efficient and effective by dividing such work amongst a specialized group.

  • Bylaws Committee 

Responsibilities include:
- Drafting/revising the governing rules of the state Green Party (AZGP)
- Drafting AZGP procedures and resolutions.

  • Ballot Access Committee 

Responsibilities include:
- Collecting petition signatures for AZGP ballot status petition drive
- Green Party voter registration drive
- Lobbying for electoral reform, etc.

  • Communications/Membership Outreach Committee 

Responsibilities include:
- Communication to registered Arizona Green Party members (mailings to registered Greens, AZGP Shout-Out newsletter, phone banking, etc)
- Maintenance of unorganized county Green Party databases (State Secretary & State Co-Chairs).

  • Finance/Fundraising Committee 

Responsibilities include:
- Drafting the annual AZGP budget
- Organizing fundraising events & campaigns for the AZGP treasury.

  • Green Growth/Strategic Planning Committee

Responsibilities include:
- Drafting AZGP goals, strategy, tactics and timeline for the next 5 years.

  • Media Outreach, Publications & Website/Social Media Committee

Responsibilities include:
- Drafting AZGP media alerts and press releases
- Organizing AZGP press conferences and media events
- Drafting AZGP brochures, flyers and other publications
- Technology and administration of online activities
- Maintenance and update of state Green Party (AZGP) website & social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, TikTok, etc.)

  • Policy & Platform Committee

Responsibilities include:
- Developing a thoroughly-researched statewide policy platform for the AZGP, to be voted on by the AZGP General Membership and re-approved every 4 years.
- Assisting endorsed AZGP candidates with research and development of their campaign policy platforms.
- Recommending edits and revisions to be made to the AZGP platform on an as-needed basis
- Ensuring all aspects of our official policy platform are reflective of our 10 Key Values

  • Political Campaigns Committee

Responsibilities include:
- Organizing/recruiting Green Party candidates and volunteers for Green Party campaigns (campaign managers, treasurers, etc).

  • Speaker’s Bureau

Responsibilities include:
- Presentations and speaking engagements at high schools, colleges, universities, etc.


If you are interested in serving on one or more of the AZGP Working Committees, please call (602)417-0213 or e-mail us: [email protected].  You must be an Arizona Green Party member in order to join a Working Committee. 


Last Updated - June 25, 2022