2024 PPE Results

AZGP 2024 Presidential Preference Election - Results


At 7PM on March 19th, 2024, voting in the AZGP's 2024 online Presidential Preference Election (PPE) concluded, and we thank all AZGP members who cast their vote and participated in helping the AZGP decide our delegate apportionment for the 2024 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention.

We would also like to express our dearest thanks and gratitude to all the participating Presidential candidates who ran as Greens in 2024, including those who unfortunately did not meet the criteria to appear on our PPE ballot.

The following results are the final and official results as determined by the agreed upon voting methodology and delegate apportionment formula set in place by the AZGP State Committee:

The AZGP utilized a proportional ranked choice vote in order to determine how many of AZGP's 4 allotted delegates would be apportioned to each candidate. There were 3 candidates that were officially listed on the AZGP's PPE ballot in 2024 in the following order (alphabetical by last name);


Jasmine Sherman

Dr. Jill Stein

Jorge Zavala


In the first round of voting, all 4 of AZGP's delegates were apportioned, and no further rounds were necessary. The vote percentage totals and delegates earned by each candidate are as follows:


Dr. Jill Stein - 73.5%, earning 3 of 4 delegates

Jasmine Sherman - 23.5%, earning 1 of 4 delegates

Jorge Zavala - 3.0%, earning 0 of 4 delegates


The overall winner of the AZGP's 2024 online PPE, and the candidate that has earned the AZGP's official endorsement going into the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention, is Dr. Jill Stein.