Arizona Green Party: Candidate Endorsement Procedures

Arizona Green Party (AZGP) endorsement process for Green candidates: 

1. A candidate may be proposed for early endorsement by any member of the Arizona Green Party (AZGP).

2. At least 14 days prior to the AZGP meeting in which consideration of candidates will occur, an announcement shall be issued in the AZGP e-newsletter of the upcoming vote for candidate endorsement/s.

3. Candidate must be registered Green in order to receive an endorsement.

4. Candidate should attend the AZGP meeting when this issue will be considered. If unable to attend, a written letter requesting AZGP’s endorsement may be accepted if the candidate has been vetted by at least 2 members of the AZGP state committee.*

5. After sufficient discussion, a vote among all those present who are registered AZGP members shall be held. If consensus is not reached, then further discussion shall take place in order to hear out concerns of the minority, after which another vote shall take place. A super majority of 80% of AZGP State Committee will be  required, in order for the candidate to receive an official AZGP endorsement.

6. Green candidates who are not endorsed may also be rated, as “actively opposed”,  or remain unrated.


*In the event that a letter written to the committee is needed then the letter should contain: 

  • biography/adequate information on the background of the candidate 
  • specific information about her/his involvement in promoting the 10 KEY VALUES 
  • candidate affirms that she/he is in general agreement with the Green Party-US national platform 
  • goals/vision/purpose for running as candidate for specified office 
  • general campaign plan (to show level of campaigning expected) If the candidate is in attendance, she/he is also requested to provide the above  information. 


Revised/Ratified: May 29th, 2010

Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States 

Ecological Wisdom * Social Justice & Equal Opportunity * Grassroots Democracy * Nonviolence * Decentralization * Community-Based Economics * Feminism and Gender Equality * Respect for Diversity * Personal & Global Responsibility * Future Focus & Sustainability