Running For Office as an AZGP Candidate


Revised: June 20th, 2022


Thank you for your interest in running as an AZ Green Party candidate for public office here in Arizona. It takes a tremendous amount of courage, commitment, and determination to run as an independent, uncorrupted fighter for people, planet, and peace in our current political landscape. We are always recruiting for new and inspiring candidates who are up to the challenge of running for office, both when we're on the ballot and/or as write-ins, and from local races all the way to our presidential ticket. Whether we win or lose, Green Party candidates and campaigns are an essential factor in growing the party, as well as promoting our policy platform and our Ten Key Values. Per our bylaws, any registered and dues-paying member of the AZGP that wants to run for office with our support may have their candidacy considered for our party's official endorsement.


Getting Started


The first thing you'll want to do if you plan on running for office as an AZGP candidate is, of course, choosing the race you'd like to run in. Learn as much as you can about that office, including all of its powers, duties, areas of jurisdiction, and limitations. If you haven't already, it's good to take these early steps to also get involved with your community, get as informed as possible about the issues that voters in your community are concerned with, and learn more about the political landscape and background of the current officeholder(s) that you plan on contesting. It's best to start this process as early as possible or practicable for your particular election (~1yr. in advance of your election date is recommended, but not required). Campaigns are a marathon, not a sprint, so starting your campaign early and at a steady pace can give you a huge head start and advantage come election day.

From there, you should proceed to file the appropriate nomination paperwork with your local, county, or state elections official before the filing deadline for your race. For candidates who wish to have their names appear on the ballot, this paperwork may include a Statement of Interest (to be filed prior to collecting any candidate-specific ballot access signatures), a Financial Disclosure Statement, and the submission of a required number of valid signatures supporting your candidacy before the filing deadline. For official/qualified write-in candidates that do not intend on collecting signatures, a Statement of Interest is not necessary to be filed, but a Nomination of Write-In Candidacy and Financial Disclosure Statement must still be filed with the appropriate elections official by the write-in candidate nomination deadline. Once the necessary paperwork has been filed and processed, you will officially be considered a qualified candidate for public office in AZ!


Seeking AZGP's Endorsement


Once you've filed the necessary paperwork and are officially recognized as a qualified candidate for public office, you'll want to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Your answers will be posted on this website (excluding personal information).

The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) endorsement process for Green candidates is as follows: 

1. At least 14 days prior to the AZGP meeting in which consideration of candidates will occur, an announcement shall be issued in the AZGP e-newsletter of the upcoming vote for candidate endorsement/s.

2. Per our bylaws, candidate must be a registered and dues-paying Arizona Green Party member in order to be considered for or receive an endorsement.

3. Candidate(s) should attend the AZGP meeting when this issue will be considered.

4. After sufficient discussion, a vote among all those present who are registered and dues-paying AZGP members shall be held. If consensus is not reached, then further discussion shall take place in order to hear out concerns of the minority, after which another vote shall take place. A super majority of 67% of the AZGP general membership will be required in order for the candidate to receive an official AZGP endorsement.

5. Green candidates who are not endorsed may also be rated, as “actively opposed”,  or remain unrated.


If the candidate is in attendance, they are also requested to provide the above information. 

It is expected that all officially endorsed candidates agree to uphold our values and expectations of conduct during the course of their campaign as official acting spokespersons of the AZGP. Any and all endorsements are subject to review and/or revocation at any time if the candidate is deemed to be in violation of these expectations (67% majority support of the AZGP State Committee and/or general membership required for revocation of endorsements to occur).




Once the AZGP has endorsed your candidacy, our Political Campaigns Committee will assist you in running the rest of your campaign by supplying your campaign team with any platforms, tools, personnel, information, training, or other resources we can offer.