Arizona Green Party Bylaws

Article I: Name of Organization
The name of this organization is the Arizona Green Party, (AZGP).

Article II: Purpose
The AZGP is a state political party created for the benefit of the active County Green Parties in the State of Arizona, and for the Arizona voters who have designated “Green” on their voter registration.

Article III: Membership
The AZGP shall consist of citizens in the State of Arizona who have registered to vote and indicated Green Party affiliation.

Article IV: Party Structure

A. The State Committee shall be the residing council of all AZGP State Officers, GP-US delegates/alternates, Campus Green representatives, County chapter representative (elected & appointed), and any at-large representatives. The State Committee shall individually authorize all expenditures unless previously authorized as an ongoing expense. All State Committee membership shall be elected according to State Statute ARS, Title 16.

B. Officers of the State Committee shall include two Co-Chairpersons, two Vice Co-Chairpersons, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Recorder, and a Media Outreach Coordinator, so elected by consensus at the first annual meeting each year. We, in electing officers to the AZGP, commit ourselves to the pursuit of balance and diversity of gender, sexual, racial, ethnic, and other historically marginalized identity groups. Each Officer shall serve a two-year term.

The duties of Vice Co-Chairpersons are:

1. Chair of the Ballot Access Committee

2. Act as Assistant Treasurer

C. Organized County Green Party: The definition of an “organized county Green Party”, such as would be entitled to representation on the SC of the Arizona Green Party, or be used to determine the existence of a quorum, or be entitled to request financial participation in the revenues of the Arizona Green Party.

1. Compliance with statutes regarding political activity.

2. County Green Party bylaws on file with AZGP.

3. At least one direct contact annually with every registered Green in the county,  reached by mail, telephone or e-mail, notifying such members of how to become a  Party activist during that year.

4. At least three meetings a year, publicly noticed, so that local Greens who seek to interact with their county party may do so.

5. Annual elections of officers, including minimally a chair, a treasurer, and a rep to the AZGP. The names and contact information for the officers shall be posted on the AZGP website, in the AZGP e-Digest and mailings, so that interested local Greens may become involved.

6. Tabling and/or clip boarding, at local events, to register voters to the Green Party.

7. Active participation in ballot access petitioning, as organized by AZGP or any of its committees or subunits.

8. Neither offer endorsements for, nor organize work for, any candidate who is not an endorsed candidate of the Green Party.

9. Political committees which do not meet the criteria for an “organized county Green Party” may be recognized as a “county Green organizing committee”, as they attempt to fully meet the criteria, and may be eligible for financial assistance from the state for specific projects toward that end. County organizing committees shall be expected to make regular progress reports to AZGP about the steps they are taking to reach full status.

D. Working Committees/Task Force:
The purpose of a Working Committee/Task Force is to make the work of the AZGP efficient and effective by dividing such work amongst a specialized group. Each Committee shall appoint a chairperson to coordinate its activities. Current AZGP Working Committees are Ballot Access, Bylaws, Finance/Fundraising, Media Outreach, Membership Outreach (Communications) and the Website committee. Working Committees may be added without amendment to these bylaws by a consensus of the State Committee. All AZGP Officers/State Committee members are required to serve on at least one AZGP working committee.

E. Duties of AZGP Precinct Committeemen:
In addition to those duties of a precinct committeeman, already outlined by statute (i.e., live in the precinct, be registered with the party, help register voters, and get out the vote), and such duties as may be added by statute, the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) also requires that the duties of Precinct Committeemen (hereinafter PCs) include (at least two of the following):

1. Annual financial support of the Green Party at the state and county levels.

2. Service to the Green Party in gathering ballot access petition signatures.

3. Financial support and/or party-sanctioned work for one or more endorsed Green Party candidates, within a general election cycle.

F. Affiliation with the Green Party of the United States (GP-US):
The AZGP will choose two delegates and permitted alternate delegates to represent its interests/viewpoint within the GP-US, and to attend annual GP-US meetings/conventions. Arizona GP-US delegates/alternates shall vote on GP-US proposals, participate on conference calls & e-mail discussion groups (when necessary), and inform the State Committee of any decisions. GP-US delegates/alternates shall fulfill any requisite participation levels, as outlined in Article IV, Section E of these bylaws. In most cases, the State Committee must first approve members of the AZGP that wish to serve on a GP-US accredited committee. AZGP members that wish to serve on a GP-US caucus (accredited or non-accredited) do not require the approval of the State Committee.

G. Resignations, Vacancies, Removal and Appointments:
As required, the State Committee shall elect members to fill vacancies. All State Committee members must attend at least two in-person AZGP state meetings per year. State Committee members will be excused from attending for approved reasons such as: family functions/vacation, work, illness or on-going medical conditions, etc. Any State Committee member who ignores a call to vote on more than two consecutive occasions (meeting or conference call) may be asked to resign and be replaced. Co-chairs have the authority to temporarily appoint members to fill vacancies. Such temporary appointees will serve until the next AZGP state meeting.

Article V: Meetings
The purpose of the state meeting is to conduct AZGP business at a level as inclusive as possible for all AZGP members. All meeting dates, times, and places shall be approved by a consensus of the State Committee. Anyone interested in Green Party issues may attend any AZGP meeting, but only registered Green Party members may vote on issues presented at meetings.

A. The Annual Meeting:
The AZGP is required by law to hold an annual statutory meeting no later than the second Saturday in January. This meeting must be held in the state capitol of Phoenix and state party members must be notified at least thirty days in advance of such meeting. While a postcard notification is the preferred method, a posting of the meeting date, time & location on the AZGP website (, an e-mail notice sent to members, and/or the meeting date, time & location left on the AZGP voicemail number shall suffice.

B. General Membership Meetings:
The AZGP shall have a minimum of two additional meetings open to all members statewide per calendar year. Both of these meetings should be held outside of Maricopa County, alternating between northern and southern Arizona. A brief introduction to the history of the Green Party and the meeting process (consensus) shall precede the Annual and General Membership Meetings. Member notification of General Membership Meetings will be the same as the Annual Meeting.

C. State Committee Meetings:
The State Committee shall meet a minimum of six times per calendar year. Three of these meetings will be “in-person” (prior to the Annual Meeting or General Membership Meeting). At the discretion of the State Committee, the remaining meetings may be conducted by a telephone or video conference call. Unless called into executive session, State Committee meetings are open to any registered Arizona Green. Only State Committee members may vote on issues presented at State Committee meetings.

D. State Committee Meetings Quorum and Proxies:
Fifty-one percent (51%) of the elected officers in filled positions on the State Committee must be present to constitute a quorum at any State Committee meeting. Vacant positions, on-leave positions and non-voting, appointed officer positions do not count in the quorum requirements. Additionally, at least 60% of all active recognized county chapters must be represented in a quorum in order to ensure geographic diversity. Proxies will not be recognized by the AZGP.

E. Meeting Minutes:
The minutes of each meeting shall be taken by the AZGP Recorder and distributed to the State Committee for approval. Once approved, the minutes will be posted to the AZGP website ( within 30 days of approval.

Article VI: The Decision-Making Process

A. Facilitation of Meetings:
As a movement seeking to establish shared power within society, our organization will follow the paradigm of Cooperative Leadership. The AZGP uses consensus for its facilitation/decisionmaking process.

B. Proposal and Meeting Agenda:
All proposals and agenda items should be submitted to the Chairperson(s) and appointed Facilitator no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting date, and be circulated to members in advance of meetings. A posting of the tentative agenda to the AZGP website ( or an e-mail to AZGP members, shall suffice for circulation. Any proposals brought before the AZGP shall be voted on seeking consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, proposals must receive at least eighty percent (80%) majority vote to be approved.

C. Emergency Proposals:
Any proposals requiring immediate action may be brought to the attention of the State Committee by any member, at any time necessary.

D. Conflict Resolution:
The AZGP relies on self-governance. In rare instances, when our organization is unsuccessful in resolving issues (compromise, discussion, rewrites, tabling, etc), the AZGP may utilize an outside, impartial facilitator.

Article VII: Financial

A. Overview:
The AZGP shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws governing appropriate political organizations. The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall manage AZGP finances and may act only with the consensus of the State Committee on all expenditures. The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall be authorized signatories on the AZGP bank account. A signatory may not sign a check payable to him or herself, or any family member.

B. Donations:
The Treasurer shall maintain records of individual donations to ensure compliance of spending limits.

C. Expenditures:
Expenditures to be made from the AZGP bank account must be remitted to the Treasurer.

D. Funding County Committees:
The State Committee may fund county party chapter projects if provided with a detailed itemization of proposed expenses. In most instances, it is expected that the county chapter(s) shall provide matching funds of 50% of such project costs.

Article VIII: Amendments to the Bylaws
All proposed revisions to these Bylaws shall be submitted to the State Committee at a regular meeting for consideration and/or ratification.


Revised: January 27, 2018