Officers/State Committee


Co-Chair: Sam Hales (term expires May 2023)

Co-Chair: vacant (term expires January 2024)

1st Vice Chair: vacant (term expires January 2025)

2nd Vice Chair/Assistant Treasurer: vacant (term expires January 2024)

Secretary: Mike Cease (term expires January 2024)

Treasurer (Interim): Vincent Beck-Jones (term expires May 2023)

Recorder: Amee Beck-Jones (term expires May 2023)

Media Outreach Coordinator: vacant (term expires January 2024)

Maricopa County Representatives: Amee Beck-Jones, Sam Hales and vacant (terms expire April 2023)

Pima County Representatives: Eduardo Quintana, vacant and vacant (terms expire April 2023)

Green Party-US Delegates: Amee Beck-Jones (term expires January 2024) and Vincent Beck-Jones (term expires May 2023)

Green Party-US Alternate Delegates: vacant (term expires January 2024) and vacant (term expires January 2025)


If you are interested in serving on the AZGP State Committee, please call (602)417-0213 or e-mail us: [email protected].  Per our bylaws, you must be an Arizona Green Party member in order to be nominated and elected as an AZGP Officer/State Committee member. 


Last Updated - February 5, 2023