AZGP Co-Chair appointment 3-06-2020

"It is my honor to appoint Celeste Castorena, long-term AZ Green, as cochair and delegate to GPUS to serve until the election at our May, 2020, statewide mtg in Tucson. She will vacate her position as recorder. Celeste has voting rights/responsibility as a member of the AZGP state committee.

"Celeste's temperament and long affiliation as a member of AZGP make her a tremendous asset as cochair and GPUS delegate. She has maintained the highest standards, all in accordance with the TKV's. Celeste works respectfully and diligently and honestly to build cohesion within AZGP, and she has represented us admirably at ANM's and as a former delegate." - AZGP Co-Chair Haryaksha Knauer