AZGP State Committee Meeting - May


The AZGP Steering Committee will meet on the Third Thursday of each month in the year 2022, unless that month already has a scheduled General Membership meeting.


The AZGP Steering Committee meetings are open to the public to attend through zoom. Please RSVP to receive a link to the meeting.



The Green Party is committed to values-based politics, as expressed in our Ten Key Values. These values guide us in countering and changing a system that extols exploitation, unsustainable consumption, and destructive competition.

In this century, it is imperative that we find sound economic ways to make systemic changes. It is our responsibility to rebuild the political culture of the United States in order to stop wars of aggression, short-sighted ecological destruction, erosion of our rights, and the system that perpetuates social and economic injustice. In other words, we must fundamentally change our society's broken political system.

Now is the time to build a bridge from the world we have to the better world we know is possible.

Now is the time to grow a sustainable political force to work for grassroots democracy, nonviolence, social justice, and ecological wisdom.

Michael E. Cease

AZGP Secretary 





AZGP State Committee

05/19/2022 Meeting Agenda

Thursday, May 19, 2022, 7:00PM-9:15PM

Location: Zoom


  • Call to Order: Meeting Called to Order by Facilitator [7:00PM]


  • Land Acknowledgement: Facilitator or Volunteering Member - Indigenous Land and Digital Space Acknowledgement (5 minutes) [7:00-7:05PM]


  • Informal Check-Ins/Open Dialogue: How’s everyone doing? What’s new in your life? What challenges or successes are you experiencing? What has brought you joy or kept you energized lately? etc. (15 minutes) [7:05-7:20PM]


  • Declaration of Quorum


  • Assignment of Roles:


Facilitator______, Stack taker ______, Vibes ______, Note taker _______, Time keeper ______, Chat moderator _______, (5 minutes) [7:20-7:25PM] 


  • Call to the Audience: Make announcements, state opinions, pose concerns -- limited to

2 minutes per non-member of the committee. (15 minutes) [7:25-7:40PM]


  • Committee Reports: Each active working committee/county party/caucus shall give a brief report on the current status of their work for the party. (5 minutes each) [35 minutes] [7:40-8:10PM]


  • Treasurer/Finance [Vincent]
  • Media Outreach [Cody & Sam]
  • Ballot Access [Liana]
  • Political Campaigns [Cody & Sam]
  • Maricopa County [Amee]
  • Pima County [Eduardo]
  • GPUS Delegates/Alts [Amee, Vincent, Liana, Cody]




  • Item 1: Diversifying donation options; reduce/phase out Paypal [Vincent - Follow Up] (10 minutes) [8:10-8:20PM]




  • Item 2:  Dues Tracking (15 minutes) [8:20-8:35PM]


  • Who are our officially recognized members that will be allowed to vote at Saturday’s Meeting?
  • What donation/registration information do we have at the state and county levels to confirm our membership?


  • Item 3:  Review General Membership Meeting Agenda (15 minutes) [8:35-8:50PM]



  • Review Decisions Made/Assign Action Items: (5 minutes) [8:50-8:55PM]


  • Meeting Evaluations:


  • What went well? What needs improvement? (10 minutes) [8:55-9:05PM]


  • Approve Date/Time of Next AZGP-SC Meeting: (5 minutes) [9:05-9:10PM]


Thursday, June 16th, 2022 at 7:00PM via Zoom


  • Adjournment



May 19, 2022 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Mike Cease ·

Will you come?