Will Arizona Green Party lose ballot access at the end of 2019?

bog post 9-21-2019

The article published on Sept 20, 2019 in AZCENTRAL, by Andrew Oxford iterates the challenges to maintaining Green Party ballot access for 2020 in Arizona.

"Greens in Arizona are scrambling to keep their status as a recognized political party in 2020 after state lawmakers moved up the deadline for them to submit tens of thousands of signatures.

The Greens and any other party aiming for recognized status must now file at least 31,686 signatures by Nov. 28, instead of the previous deadline that was in February — 70 days later.

The new deadline is one of the earliest of its kind in the country, according to Richard Winger, editor of the San Francisco-based newsletter Ballot Access News.

Losing 70 days to gather signatures has been a hardship, said Liana West, secretary of the Arizona Green Party.

"It makes us feel like we are being targeted," West said."

Read the full article here.

Want to help keep democracy alive? Do you want to see Green party candidates on your 2020 ballot? It is easy to volunteer! Click on the Ballot Access 2020 here and download the New Party Petition form (directions included). Ask your friends and neighbors who are registered to vote to sign along with you. Mail the petition forms to the AZGP P.O. Box.

AZGP is offering fair compensation for your time and efforts. Read on to see how that works...

There are currently two methods to seek compensation for your time and efforts assisting with the Arizona Ballot Access initiative.

#1 - AZGP is reimbursing $1 per valid signature on the Ballot Access petition form. When seeking reimbursement, simply mail your completed petition forms to the AZGP P.O. Box at the bottom of this page along with your full name, phone and address prior to November 10, 2019. Allow two weeks for signature validation, and then a reimbursement check will be promptly mailed to your address.

#2 - Additionally, the Howie Hawkins campaign is hiring a Petition Signature Gatherer to assure the ability for all Greens in the state to run for partisan office in 2020. H2O campaign paid petitioner application.

Details for the Howie Hawkins petition gatherer are below:

The Arizona Green Party is currently in the process of petitioning for ballot access in 2020. They must collect and validate 31,000 signatures before November 28th of this year.

Duties of the position include:

- Collect at least 500 raw signatures per week from either Maricopa or Pima County
- Assure the proper formatting of petition documents
- Assure all legal requirements are followed during the collection of petition signatures
- Turn in collected signatures weekly with designated regional liaisons
- Assure all petition signatures are legible and easily verifiable
- Maintain petition signature validity rates of no less than 60%
- Provide photos of all collected petitions to the H’20 Coordinator each day


- Must be at least 18 years of age and meet voting eligibility requirements
- General knowledge and understanding of the Green Party and the Howie Hawkins campaign
- Previous experience petitioning or canvassing preferred
- Must be willing to sign your name on all relevant petition documents
- Must be able to exceed signature validity rates of 60%
- Ability to provide own transportation and travel

Spanish-speaking ability is a plus but not required.

Equipment needed:

- Smart phone
- Internet connection
- Computer