AZGP Regains Official Party Recognition

As of December 21st, 2023, The Arizona Secretary of State's Office has once again granted official statewide party recognition to the Arizona Green Party. On the afternoon of November 28th, 2023, the AZGP turned in a total of 62,749 eligible signatures, which exceeded the statutory minimum requirement to qualify for new party status. This qualification entitles the Arizona Green Party to access to the ballot for federal, statewide, and legislative races for both the 2024 and 2026 election cycles. In addition to statewide party recognition, the Green Party of Coconino County and the Green Party of Pima County have also achieved county-level party recognition. We are incredibly excited and grateful to all of our members, volunteers, donors, and supporters for making this historic victory for our party, for Arizona, and for democracy possible.

While the AZGP has regained our party recognition and ballot status, we did not qualify in time for the deadline to participate in Arizona's upcoming Presidential Preference Election (PPE). This means that we will not be able to run a Green Party Presidential Primary through the State of Arizona's election process. Instead, we will run an internal ranked-choice primary for all qualified Green Presidential candidates, as we've done in past election cycles where we have not had statewide party recognition. Federal, statewide, and legislative candidates are not affected by this missed deadline, and the Green Party primary for these offices will occur through the state's election processes as usual.

We encourage all AZ Green Party members to consider taking advantage of this huge victory for our party by stepping up to run for office as Green Party candidates in 2024! If you are interested in running for federal, statewide, or legislative offices as a Green candidate, please reach out to us and we will happily assist you in that process.

Thank you all so much for your dedicated support of our party and its mission. Because of you, the people of Arizona once again have a real choice to vote for a party that is committed to putting people, planet, and peace over profits and is not controlled by corporations and the super-wealthy.

We are excited to continue to grow and build the Green Party in Arizona in 2024 with your help.