Arizona Green Party (AZGP) Organization

Officers/State Committee


Co-Chair: Celeste Castorena (term expires January 2023)

Co-Chair: Haryaksha Knauer (term expires January 2022)

1st Vice Chair: Vacant (term expires January 2023)**

2nd Vice Chair/Assistant Treasurer: Vincent Jones (term expires January 2022)

Secretary: Mike Cease (term expires January 2022)

Treasurer: Cara Bissell (term expires January 2022)

Recorder: Amee Beck (term expires January 2023)

Media Outreach Coordinator: Vacant (term expires January 2023)**

Cochise County Representative: Alice Hammers (term expires January 2022)

Maricopa County Representatives: Amee Beck and Sam Hales (terms expire January 2022)

Pima County Representatives: Colette Jennings, Cara Bissell and Ryan Kelly (terms expire January 2022)

Yavapai County Representative: Haryaksha Knauer (term expires January 2022)

Green Party-US Delegates: Liana West (term expires January 2022) and Vacant (term expires January 2023)**

Green Party-US Alternate Delegates: Sam Hales (term expires January 2022) and Vacant (term expires January 2023)**

**all vacancies are filled by election at the next statewide General Membership meeting on May 22, 2021


If you are interested in serving on the AZGP State Committee, please call (602)417-0213 or e-mail us: [email protected].  Per our bylaws, you must be a registered Green Party voter in Arizona in order to be nominated and elected as an AZGP Officer/State Committee member. 


Last Updated - April 15, 2021 

Working Committees


The purpose of a Working Committee/Task Force is to make the work of the AZGP efficient and effective by dividing such work amongst a specialized group.

  • Bylaws Committee

responsible for drafting/revising the governing rules of the state Green Party (AZGP); and responsible for drafting AZGP policies, procedures and resolutions.

  • Ballot Access Committee

responsible for collecting petition signatures for AZGP ballot status petition drive, Green Party voter registration drive, lobbying for electoral reform, etc.

  • Communications/Membership Outreach Committee

responsible for communication to registered Arizona Green Party members (mailings to registered Greens, AZGP Shout-Out newsletter, phone banking, etc); also responsible for maintenance of unorganized county Green Party databases (State Secretary & State Co-Chairs).

  • Finance/Fundraising Committee

responsible for drafting the annual AZGP budget; also responsible for organizing fundraising events & campaigns for the AZGP treasury.

  • Green Growth/Strategic Planning Committee

responsible for drafting AZGP goals, strategy, tactics and timeline for the next 5 years.

  • Media Outreach, Publications & Website/Social Media Committee

responsible for drafting AZGP media alerts and press releases; responsible for organizing AZGP press conferences and media events; responsible for drafting AZGP brochures, flyers and other publications; responsible for technology and administration of online activities; responsible for maintenance and update of state Green Party (AZGP) website & social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  • Political Campaigns Committee

responsible for organizing/recruiting Green Party candidates and volunteers for Green Party campaigns (campaign managers, treasurers, etc).

  • Speaker’s Bureau

responsible for presentations and speaking engagements at high schools, etc.


If you are interested in serving on one or more of the AZGP Working Committees, please call (602)417-0213 or e-mail us: [email protected].  You must be a registered Green Party voter in Arizona in order to join a Working Committee. 


Last Updated - November 14, 2020