Statement on Kyrsten Sinema's Retirement from the U.S. Senate from AZGP Co-Chair Cody Hannah

Goodbye and good riddance to Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who today announced her retirement from the U.S. Senate at the end of her current term.
From the minute Sinema abandoned the Green Party for the Democrats, she started down a path of corruption and corporatism from which she never looked back. Unfortunately, even after leaving the Democratic Party, she was no better a legislator or less corrupt in the Senate as an Independent.
While many bitter and uninformed Democrats would like to blame us in the AZGP and scapegoat the Green Party as a whole for Sinema’s actions as a legislator because she was a member of the AZGP 20 years ago (much like Donald Trump was a member of the Democratic Party around the same time), the truth of the matter is that Sinema was never elected to any public office as a Green Party member, and the AZ Democratic Party has aided and abetted her continual drift to the right-wing through every campaign she’s run and been elected in since 2004. The only people responsible for Sinema’s actions as an elected official are the Senator herself, and the AZ Democratic Party who have supported her every step of the way until they, too, were tossed aside by the Senator.
We are looking forward to replacing Senator Sinema this November with a true Green Party Senator from Arizona who is a principled, committed, and uncorrupted fighter for the interests of people, planet, and peace over profits.
In solidarity,
Cody Hannah
AZGP Co-Chairperson